Sunday, February 10, 2013

Naturally Nails: Festive CNY nails

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So Chinese new year is upon us! So far it’s been a blast for me! I don’t have a ton of visiting to do because my family gathers at 1 place and it’s overkill! Ang Pao heaven! Which makes it really dangerous for any other guests to wander into our realms. People have before and their losses were huge. Could almost hear the sigh of despair from the outside when they saw how many shoes were outside my grandma’s house.
Since it’s the oh so covet CNY, what better way to celebrate it than with super festive nails!! Here’s what I donned on CNY. I was super red this year to please my dad. He was a happy happy dad. Could say that my outfit almost mirrored my nails, just that the darker red was burgundy instead. EVEN WORE RED SHOES
Without further ado!
Base: Etude house pink jelly polish
Tips: China glaze ruby pumps
FESTIVE HUH! Not as gaudy as I imagined which is good! I quite like the combination! The touch of red really changes up the look IMO. Can I just exclaim how much a love the jelly polish which also happens to be my favourite kind of finish. Looks super opaque in the bottle but when you apply it to the nails, it turns out to be a beautiful jelly instead! Best thing is that it pretty darn opaque for a jelly~. Nonetheless, I always couple it with a french tip just to make sure my nail lines don’t show through esp in the sun. Appalling how many time I have used the word jelly LOL.
Unfortunately, etude house revamped its nail range entirely so I don’t think this colour is in the line anymore =(
Anyway if you wanna check out a swatch of ruby pumps, you can find it here! (click here)
Notice any difference in my tips. Went to file them the next day to make em straighter. Think they look a better like that, more angular! I realised the problem with frenchtips. If you want them to look more crisp, a thin level of polish will suffice. I tried to make my tips look more opaque and ended up with globs for tips hhaha!! Can totally tell how rough I am with my nails. This is 2ND day nails. Check out my third finger. Took the greatest dmg.
And the last picture for the post. Non reflective post to “reflect” the true colour of the polishes.
Ah yet another rainy afternoon, this is probably the first in a very long time that it’s raining on CNY. No matter, the rain doesn’t change anything. Those ang pows will still be mine! LOL ok jokes aside, the best part of CNY for me is ofcourse the FOOD. So much sin in so little time. The best dish ever? Grandma’s and mum’s ngoh hiong. OMG to die for. Sis and I snapped up about half of it before my mum realised the degree of our gluttony and snatched it from our grasps to keep it out of sight TT. Could have eaten more seriously! Argh, there will be so much dmg control to be done after this week is OVER. OMG hahaha
Nonetheless HAPPY CNY EVERYONE. Apologies that my post is so BELATED. V’day is coming up as well but I do not think I will be in time for a Vday nails post so, perhaps this can double up as vday nails as well xD.
Thank you for reading!
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