Sunday, November 4, 2012

Naturally Nails: Korean inspired Halloween Glam Nails

Ok I decided to push this post forward and postpone featuring the awesome polish that I recently hauled because....
Halloween is right aroung the corner! I'm not usually into halloween cause well, there's not much of a culture for it here but THIS YEAR IS A NEW YEAR. Mainly because I'm going for the USS Hallooween spooktecular 2. Missed the chance to go last year but this year, I put my foot down and made it happen. ^^ I'm rather pleased with myself I must say. I went bargain hunting and found that there are a few deals out there. Maybank card holders enjoy $8 off, buying tickects at cineisure B1 booth gives you $8 off, student price tickets at cineleisure gives you a whooping $20 bucks off 2 tickets/card, NSF and regulars also $20 off for 2 tickets. In the end, I got the $60 ticket. I made a special trip down to cine only to find that student ticks are sold out. UGHHH. whatever. NVM at least I tried. I've heard a heap loads of mixed reviews. Main concerns include the crowd which would suck real bad. I'm hoping Thursday's crowd is going to be good or at least better than Friday or Sat (actual halloween day). Sunday is unpopuar TTM but for an obvious reason.
Anyway, to gear myself up for this special occasion, I went ahead to create my halloween nails. Here's how it looks

 TFS black base, TFS GL 111, Essie Set in stones
TADA! Gorgeous ttm IMO. My sis and mum both like it. YAY!
The breakdown1. Paint an all over black polish (use whatever amount of coats needed)
2. Apply a glittery gold polish over the top third of the nail - can consider using a sponge to create a gradient effect, which I did in my case.
3. Apply a thin layer of sliver glitter over the gold polish and place random pieces of glitter slightly further down from where the gold ends. This further accents a gradient effect.
4. Apply topcoat and you're done! 
Simple isn't it =)
Word of caution, be very VERY careful with dark polish, they are notoriously difficult to clean up if they get around cuticles and skin around the nails. Try to be as neat as possible. Slow and steady wins the race!

This design is somewhat of a twist on the gradient effect. It comprises of layering 2 different textures on top of one another with the gradients beginning at different lengths of the nail. Did that make sense? Well, hopefully my breakdown above made this easier to understand. 
Why do I say that this look is Korean inspired? Well, the colour combination somehow really makes me think of 2NE1s I am the best (내가 제일 잘 나가) MV. Not the nail look that they had on but the general colour of the MV!
Oh and in all my confusion, I forgot to talk about the colours. I know I say this all the time but the camera definitely can't capture the sparkle of the insane amount of glitter in this look but I can assure you that it looks AWESOME. What can I say, nothing beats seeing the actual thing in person
I've done some swatches for the the individual colors, check them out there
Essie Set in StonesTFS GL 111
I also did a similar combination previously: Winter wonderland (which I almost forgot about but is now currently a more appropriate look for the up and coming Xmas season) but this current look definitely trumps my previous creation. The gradient layering technique (at least what I would all it if such a thing exists) Makes the transition between the 2 colours better too and the overall look more put together. Subtle but noticable difference =)
PS: if you are wondering about the weird black spces in the middle of nowhere or at least amongst the glitter pieces, it's actually the reflection of my camera. Yup, unbelievable mirror like qualities in the glitter pieces. LOVE~ (said in a song like tone)

All in all, I really love this look - chic and elegant. Like LOVE LOVE it. I haven't felt so much attraction to my nails for a while now. For some odd reason, I've really been rocking black more often lately. I used to hate it because I thought it made girls look too gothic and scary but when paired with complementing colours, the black really accents the other colours well. WOW! Epiphany ttm
Update on life: I've been on a planning spree lately. The USS thingy was one of them but it's the most minor one. Somehow or another I keep landing in situations where I am required to plan, call people, make everyone come to a consensus, negotiate and basically just shitwork (SAI GANG). The most retarded thing happens when you have to pay up front first for everyone and hound people back for money later. I really HATE DOING THAT. If you owe me money, please pay me, I'm not made of money. Please take the initiative to spilt the cost also! A recent birthday party I plan resulted in me getting all my money back only like 2 weeks after the present was bought and worst of all, sponsoring the cake. After successfully hounding everyone for money, I paid for the cake, stupidly forgetting that I should let someone tank that bill. Thankfully we bought a 1 slice cake and hence it only set me back about $6 bucks. BUT STILL. No one offered to share the cost, I didn't bother to ask for money either because I was too tired chasing.... One of my friends was really really delaying the payment.... I had to ask, twice in 1 hour.... but she on the other hand still went to ask someone to return her $2 bucks right in my face. HELLO?! Ok enough of my rant. I'm probably a little oversensitive because I'm PEEVED..Guess I shouldn't really be complaining about the cake and lack of initiative to share it because I guess I could just continue to hound for money so I indirectly kinda willing paid for the case but I'm just disappointed lah. People, can you be more socially correct. If it were you
After all of these "projects" are settled, I'm done. Other can just take over.
Thank you for reading!
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