Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Naturally Nails: Neon Pink Madness

Yup Yup, as you probably have noticed, I've changed the layout of my blog. Wasn't really feeling the whole colour thing. Thought there was a little too much going on already so I decided to keep everything simple so that the focus is directed only to my posts. Meanwhile shall search for or think of great blog subtle blog designs, but this blog layout is a keeper for a long time to come.
With Halloween over and all, it's time to prep ourselves up for the up and coming xmas though it's only November now. Too early? Well, I know one thing's for sure, it's not too early for Vivo and Orchard. Xmas decorations are all up and looking pretty. Ok at least the xmas tree in vivo is pretty lah. The Decor hanging around Orchard... let's just say it's not the best. Somehow, i think it's been unappealing for the past 2 years. IMO that is. Not that I would be able to come up with something better but just saying lol. Somehow or another, people or society in general are going for the whole ugly pretty thing. Weird scents, weird fashion, weird music, all things weird bascially. Just to stand out of the crowd perhaps? I just hope we don't turn into the Capitol in the hunger games. That would be disastrous. We'll all need Cinna to save our fashion disaster lives. Ok enough with the whole hunger games thing. Onward to the nails,
Here's what I got for your guys today. I found this baby screaming out to me in the massive polish tray at the NUS bazaar!

China Glaze Pink Voltage (Neon)
Neon pink madness which makes me think of legally blond and house bunny LOL. Bimbotic ttm. Despite that, it takes sheer courage to wear this out on the streets. Pink voltage is a cool toned neon hot pink creme that dries to a matte finish. This colour flashes a subtle blue sheen in the bottle but doesn't really translate to the nails though.
As you can see, there are little streak marks here and there. Neons tend to be like that. Thankfully less obvious with the 2nd coat. The trick is to work quickly with the polish with short even strokes of the brush. Try to pick up more product on the brush too, when applied too thinly, the mess it leaves behind ain't pretty. This colour dries pretty fast on the nails too, to a consistency that's very much like crackle polishes. Opaque in 2 coats. This is without a top coat. I can only imagine it's blindingness it a top coat was used!
This pic was taken under natural lighting setting in the camera. Toned down the neon factor by a 100x or something like that.
These pictures do not depict the true neoness of this colour even though it's pretty darn retina searing already. It really almost glows and blinds you. Pretty if you are a little tan or dark skinned. The contrast will be stunning. 
Ok, I know not the most winter appropriate colour but Hey, that's the beauty of being in Singapore, Summer all year round! Then again, I'm not one to believe in sticking to norms and traditions. Who says we have to wear neutrals and darker colours in the winter. Ok maybe the fashion gurus and trends setters of the world do but WHATEVER I wear whatever colour speaks to me! =)

Just another random photo of the colour. I as adventurous as I am, I don't think I would have the guts to rock this on my nails alone. I'd probably tone it down with a darker colour like black or use it to accent other colours like how I did with my valentine's day nails 2012. (it's the XOXO colour).
Mehhh, I don't know if it's me or what but somehow, those polish colours lying in the display trays of random scape (a mall in Singapore just beside cineleisure) or school sprees don't excite me as much anymore. OMG my eyes are getting desensitised and bored by normal colours. That being said Live and Let die from OPI's latest skyfall collection is luring me to it, but this is no colour you would find lying low in a display tray. 
Ahh it's raining today again! Cooling max. Best weather to take a long evening nap. On days like this, I feel tempted to laze in bed and not get up for school. Curses to global warming! Hopefully the temperatures won't continue to rise further. It's already an oven in Singapore. 
Thank you for reading!
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  1. Your nails are so pretty! Is it your own nails or do you have tips on? I'm in love with this pink, too gorgeous :) xx