Monday, January 7, 2013

Sugarcalifragilicious: A little xmas trip to Korea + HAUL!

As you guys know, I went to Korea over the period of xmas! I had a BLAST and best of all, had a white SUPER WHITE xmas =) Which is completely unheard of in Singapore hence my excitement. There’s so much I did there that I feel daunted to even start talking about it so I’ll let some pictures do the talking (if you haven't already seen them on my instagram that is).

Looking out the window, on the way to Seoul. I spy, a sunset painting the evening sky.

A little scene from Winter Sonata @ Nami Island. Simply beautiful in the winter and awfully romantic do you think. The couple over there completely set the mood!

If you were to go to Seoul and need some advice on trendy shopping areas. PLEASE make a trip down to Hongdae (Hongik university stop on the metro line 2). Sis and I got most of our buys there =) Myeong dong is great too but I like Hong dae the best. Locals say that place is known for loads of BARS so for you alcoholics out there. This is the place for you.
Be sure to check out the LotteDuty free as well. Some awesome discounts going on there + tax free = AWESOMENESS. You’ll see why later =)
So here’s my not so modest haul from Korea. Sis and I combined =) Admittedly though I got more!
Make up and skin care products. Those from Missha were gifts from my dad’s friend’s daughter. HOW SWEET! I know I know, TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE SKIN CARE STUFF. ESP from etude house. It’s almost HALF the price there. I’m so angry at myself now -_-“
Nonetheless, I’m super excited about my haul and can’t wait to start using all of them. Have used the moistful facial wash (which claims to be whitening?) and I’m really liking it. Totally in love with the Missha BB cream that I featured it in my favs as well. AWESOME.
Some accessories and other miscellaneous stuff. 
We got a little too many earrings but WE LOVE ALL OF THEM. They were so inexpensive we couldn’t help ourselves. I love the start one at the bottom. Totally has this inner glow thing going on. Sis and I were instantly drawn to it.
Close up of the rings. Love the BUTTERFLY ONE. My fav!
I got some BAGS! From Lotte Duty Free! =) Awesome discounts going on. I finally caved in and got a LongChamp bag because it’s in OXBLOOD. I still hate the fact that LongChamp is crazy common but at least this colour is nice! I missed the previous season’s totally light pink bag and wanted to kick myself for it. Now I appeased. Although I still like the versions where the handles come in the same colour as the bag better but I don’t think it’ll gel well with oxblood. To be honest, I think that this colour is one of the few colours that match the brown handle perfectly. Duh I’m biased but to make my opinion less skewed, the other half thinks so as well. He wanted to get this one for me. SO SWEET but I declined. Didn’t want him to spend so much money on me for a bag.
Oh anyway, this colour was going for 30% off at the duty free mart. O.M.G OR WHAT. Yeah! Hence purchase was justified =)
Have I shared my obsession with you guys? I’m sure I have but lemme say it again, I am obsessed with the colour oxblood. OBSESSED. Till date, I have a top, a pair of shorts, a bag, a pair of heels, a skirt and a pair of leggings in that colour. I even got my other half oxblood sneakers. How ABOUT THAT. Super obsessed. In fact, my sister had to spell it out for me LOL!
The other bag behind it is from Bric’s. Personally, I haven’t heard of this brand but since I have not seen it in Singapore, I thought I’d check it out. BEST DECISION EVER. It was on 60% discount. GET OUT RIGHT! Slashed from USD 229 to USD 99. Who can resist that. Yeah so it’s mine now! Been using it since I got back. LOVE IT. Duh, that’s why I bought it LOL
That’s all the pictures I have thus far! Is this all? No actually. This haul does not include our clothing and winter apparel haul because I sent them to the wash =) So wanted to get a trenchcoat from there because they were all so ridiculously stylish but I did not yield to temptation. Mum did though. JELLY MAX >.< Got 1 more gadget that I hauled from the Kris flyer shop that I gotta share with you guys. Watch out for it in the upcoming posts. 
All in all, really enjoyed my family trip to Korea. Boy, do Koreans look super pretty/handsome and fashionable. Despite the uncompromising -12 degree weather, it was crazy fun!! Thank god we were well prepared for the cold and cold frolic around in that weather. I found the cold rather welcoming for a change even though it bit my face, fingertips and toes super badly. My 6 day trip comprised of 4 free and easy days and 2 guided tour days. The perfect combination of tour and free and easy. Got to sample delicious food from random walks of town and at the same yet got to see the sights =) If you guys are curious about the food there, you can check out my instagram @plainlypicturesque for the photos =)
Thank you for reading! 
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